5 Things Your Cannabis Software Should Do

Typically in a– what we call a bake-off, where we're comparing multiple different products to eachother Compliant Cannabis tends to score very well and that can be boiled down to I guess I would say maybe three or four different very compelling features and functionalities that Compliant Cannabis has that others dont.

The first one of those is that it offers cannabis consulting service Level Agreement and what that means is that as a cloud-based cannabis software. if Compliant Cannabis goes down for some reason or another there is a financial compensation that is provided to the customer for that down time. 

That is different from any other system that we've encountered in the space and that is the kind of financial incentive or feature that we would expect from enterprise quality marijuana software that we're not getting in this industry Number two would be that– it is in my, I think educated experience, built on enterprise technologies and enterprise quality you know componentry, coding. 

So the business process management is hugely important and hugely valuable especially for companies that are looking to scale It's just no brainer. It's the ability to enforce consistency in your process and do that in a way that allows your employees to know that they're doing their well and according to the standard operating procedure that you put in place. Fourth piece is the Analytics. 

So dispensary pos software has a built-in engine which is designed for deriving data– trending data, not just in time snapshot data but understanding how your business is performing year- over-year, month-over–month, quarter-over-quarter, and you can do that based on data rather than again based on a hunch. 

I would say, finally, having an API and a modular basis for integrating with other systems is huge. At its simplest what that means is that Complaint Cannabis is integrated with the mj freeway marijuana software that the state requires It can automatically push information into that, which reduces inefficiency reduces, you know, data quality issues, and obviously makes that whole process more seamless and quick.

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